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    Edition of the scientific edition «Izvestia SPbLTA» accepts for the publication:
  1. the original articles containing results of scientific researches earlier not published, in the following scientific directions:
    • biology;
    • ecology, protection and environment protection;
    • forestry (forest cultivation, breeding, seeds production, forest science, forest ecology, forest inventory and management, forest fires, forest plantations, protective forests, city and urban forestry);
    • landscape architecture;
    • technology, cars and equipment of logging, forest and landscape gardening economy;
    • drevesinovedeniye;
    • technology, cars and equipment of woodworking productions;
    • chemistry, chemical technology and biotechnology;
    • technology, cars and equipment of chemical processing of vegetable raw materials; wood chemistry;
    • system analysis, management and information processing;
    • automation and management of technological processes;
    • economy and management at the enterprises of forest sector;
    • forest policy, forest right and environmental management economy;
    • common and methodological problems of science and professional education.
  2. data on the published monographs and educational and methodical literature;
  3. data on the forthcoming and complete conferences,
  4. materials about achievements of staff of divisions and chairs SPbSFTU, etc. in the section "Chronicle of Scientific Life".

We PAY ATTENTION, that payment for the publication of article isn't raised from authors. Edition provides to the author free of charge article print in the pdf-format. At desire it is possible to get the copy – 295 rub.
Articles are accepted by edition during the whole year and receipts are published in turn.
We ask to consider that all materials which have arrived in edition to authors don't come back.
At a divergence of the printing version of submitted article with the electronic version edition reserves the right to adhere to the text received from an electronic source.

    For article publication authors need to present in the scientific edition «Izvestia SPbLTA» in one copy the following materials:
  1. the author's statement (the sample is applied);
  2. extract from the minutes of chair or the direction – from the organization in which work was performed;
  3. ) the expert opinion on possibility of publication of article – from the organization in which work was performed;
  4. 2 reviews from the different organizations (not SPbSFTU), thus the reviewer has to have a scientific degree and/or a rank or to be the highly qualified specialist in the field. The document has to be certified by the press of the organization or an organization human resources department;
  5. computer listing of article with the summary (8-10 lines the TimesRomans 12p font) in Russian and English languages;
  6. article paper in English (the sample is applied), thus a bibliography has to be presented in latin litters;
  7. the file with article, the summary and the paper has to be sent to an e-mail address of edition

Requirements to registration of articles

Text registration

Volume of article

8-12 lines

The volume of the summary

8-10 pages

The volume of the paper

1,5-2 pages

- top and bottom
- right and left


3 cm
2,5 cmńě


WORD 97-XP (.doc)



Font size for the text of article and the paper


Font size for the text of the summary


Line spacing


Article structure: introduction, research technique, results of research, conclusions.
Dimensions of all physical quantities are expressed in the international system of SI.

Mathematical, chemical, etc. formulas

Difficult formulas have to be gathered in the editor of formulas MathType or MicrosoftEquation. Simple formulas can be gathered the usual text. Representation of formulas in the form of not edited drawings is inadmissible!
Chemical formulas have to be gathered by means of specialized programs, for example, ChemWin.


Drawings have to be executed in black-and-white scale.
Signatures to drawings - a font 12 of the item.


Registration of tables is accepted only in book orientation.
The text in the table – a font 12 of the item.

List of references

The list of references is made out according to GOST P 7.0.5-2008. References to used sources are given in article text in square brackets. Links to state standard specifications, TU, decrees, orders, etc. aren't provided in the list of references (it is possible to mention them in article text).

Procedure for review.


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Editorial office of the scientific edition «Izvestia Sankt-Peterburgskoj lesotehniceskoj akademii»