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“News of the Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy”

Collection of scientific articles “News of the Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy” is included by the Presidium of Supreme Attestation Commission of RF into the new Catalogue of peer-reviewed scientific publications (applies after December 01, 2015), in which basic scientific results of PhD thesis and doctoral dissertations must be published.

“News of the Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy” was published first time in 1886 as a “Yearbook of the Saint-Petersburg Forest Institute”. It consisted of two chapters: “Official chapter” and “Unofficial chapter”. “Official chapter” provided reports, number and character of students and other information regarding the situation in the Saint-Petersburg Forest Institute. Scientific papers of lecturers and students of the Institute were published in the “Unofficial chapter”. Traditional structure of the issue has been remaining till nowadays and includes both current University news and scientific papers listed by the topic (with summary in Russian and in English).

“News of the Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy” is a scientific peer-reviewed periodic publication. It is intended for articles in the field of forestry, silviculture, forest protection, forest engineering, mechanical wood processing, chemical wood treatment, and economics of forest complex and forest education.

Articles in the field of:

03.00.00 – Biological sciences (specialty 03.02.00 – General biology)

05.00.00 – Engineering sciences (specialty 05.21.00 –Technology and equipment for forestry, forest harvesting, wood processing and chemical treatment of tree biomass)

06.00.00 – Agricultural sciences (specialties 06.01.00 – Agronomics,
06.03.00 – Forestry)

meet the requirement of Supreme Attestation Commission of RF regarding publications of scientific papers since December 01, 2015.

“News of the Saint Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy”

– appears 4 times per year,

– indexed in the Russian National Science Citation Index (RINC: since 2005,

– has got Certificate of mass media registration in Federal Agency for the Oversight of Mass Media, Telecommunications, and Protection of Cultural Heritage

Federal service in 2006 (ĎČ ą ÔŃ 77-23613 dated 10.03.2006),

–was registered in ISSN International Centre (France, Paris; series number
2079-4304) in 2010,

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is given to all the articles since 2016.

– is a subscription edition (Catalogue “Press of Russia”, reference 11215),

–copies of each issue are regularly sent to the Russian Central Institute of Bibliography, libraries, scientific and academic organizations of the Russian Federation in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

All the reviews are kept in the editorial office during 5 years.

Editorial staff sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation when requested.

The edition is addressed to professionals from science, education, industry and forest authorities as well as students of all levels.

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